Santa Fe Shopping

There is a wondrous variety of shopping in Santa Fe. Within a five minute walk of La Casa Santa Fe you will have access to local food, clothing, art, crafts, and more.  

Many other web sites are eager to point you to the major players on the Santa Fe shopping scene. On this page, we want to alert you to some special opportunities in Santa Fe and surrounding areas that you may not otherwise encounter.   Click on the "Arts" link at the top of this page for additional, out-of-town shopping opportunities, found in the Northern New Mexico Arts Tours section.


Woodcarving -- right across the street.   El Primero was once the home of Melinda Montoya de Berardinelli, grandmother to Robert Montoya.  Robert creates decorative pieces from found pieces of driftwood.  You can see some of his work displayed in both El Primero and El Nido.  Often, his subjects include St. Francis, as you will note in the picture here.  You can see more by visiting Robert's workshop opposite La Casa Santa Fe, call him to make arrangements (505) 984-9878.



Sanbusco Center is two and a half blocks away, across Agua Fria Street at the end of Closson Street  Clothing, pet items, toys, fly fishing apparel and equipment, jewelry, restaurants, and more, more, more.....


Consignment clothing, books, jewelry, decorative objects, and more -- are to be found a five minute walk away, on Guadalupe Street.  Double Take is a collection of consignment shops, with clothing, jewelry, some furniture, decorative objects, and more.  The Beat Goes On, on the corner of Guadalupe and Montezuma, is chock full of memorable, colorful women's clothing, shoes, and cowboy boots, among other unique items.


Tinworks -- There is a long tradition of making useful, decorative articles from tin scraps.  Historically, left-over tin cans were a source of materials, though modern artists may just use purchased tin sheets.  Fred Ray Lopez Tinworks is a short walk away in the Santa Fe Village mall. 


Santa Fe Village.  You might pass by this mall, because it looks like a remnant from 1940's tourist traps, but that would be a mistake.  Besides Mr. Lopez tinworks, there are a number of quirky local shops, including new and resale clothing -- along with cowboy boots, a metalsmith who can repair that antique lamp you just found, and India Palace restaurant.  The Mall is at 227 Don Gaspar Avenue. 


Weaving has been both an historic necessity in northern New Mexico and a means of artistic expression. The Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center is dedicated to preserving the heritage and techniques of the elders.  You can see and purchase traditional and contemporary weaving, beadwork, and basketry, as well as yarns, looms, and other equipment.


A little further afield -- The Henderson General Store in Golden, down NM 14 about 30 miles from Santa Fe, is a wonderful place to find Native American weaving, pottery, silver and turquoise jewelry, and more at favorable prices.   Plus, it's a scenic drive to get there.


We look forward to meeting you in Santa Fe!


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